Product Overview

Fittings & Prefabrication

KWH manufactures custom fabricated fittings that are designed to the requirements of each job

KWH Pipe provides a wide range of products manufactured from Weholite pipes that can meet the requirements of just about any piping system. Our comprehensive selection of factory fittings includes, but are not limited to, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree bends (elbows), headers, laterals, reducers and tees.

You can choose from standard fittings or design custom fittings for your unique application. We can custom manufacture piping assemblies to include branch connections commonly found in foul air and other industrial piping applications. Weholite can easily be fabricated into storage tanks, inspection chambers and manholes for sewage applications.

A wide range of sizes and designs are possible, with pipe connections suitable for any standard sewer pipe. Inspection chambers and manholes are available complete with an adjustment pipe (riser pipe) for final height installation on site if desired. Covers are selected according to application and traffic load, and ladders can be fitted inside as required.

All fabricated parts are welded and tightness tested before they leave the factory.